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We build novel imaging technologies

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The Lew Lab builds advanced imaging systems to study biological and chemical systems at the nanoscale. Our technology leverages innovations in applied optics, signal and image processing, design optimization, and physical chemistry. We partner with scientists and engineers across all disciplines to develop technologies to solve unmet needs in science, medicine, and society.

Diversity fosters creative ideas to challenging problems

Lew Lab diversity and inclusion
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The Lew Lab is a team of inventors, thinkers, and problem solvers working at the intersection of science and technology.

Creating impactful technology is our passion

We invent advanced nanoscopes with nanometer resolution that visualize single molecules in biological and chemical systems. [WebM - 48 MB]
Our novel microscopes robustly measure the 3D positions and 3D orientations of single fluorescent molecules using very little light. [WEBM - 13.0 MB]
Deep learning helps us robustly image molecules' positions and orientations using only 2D camera images with incredible speed and accuracy. [MP4 - 3.97 MB]
Our imaging systems resolve the nanoscale architecture of amyloid peptide aggregates, a key signature of Alzheimer's disease. [WebM - 20.3 MB]

Lab news

Upcoming talks

APS logoMatt will be giving an invited talk in the “Quantum Sensing and Information Processing for Biomedical Applications” session at the APS March Meeting in Minneapolis. He will be speaking about “6D Single-Molecule Orientation-Localization Microscopy: Fundamental Limits for Visualizing the Dynamic Organization of Biomolecules” in Room 102AB at 4:48 PM on March 5, 2024.

Single-molecule electrochemical imaging resolves spatially varying midpoint potentials on a transparent electrodeCongratulations to Prof. Jin Lu, now at the National Center for Nanoscience, whose work on single-molecule electrochemical imaging is now online in Chemical Science!
Read it here: “Single-Molecule Electrochemical Imaging Resolves the Midpoint Potentials of Individual Fluorophores on Nanoporous Antimony-Doped Tin Oxide
Showcasing research from Professor Matthew D. Lew's laboratory, McKelvey School of Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, MO, USA. Single-molecule electrochemical imaging resolves the midpoint potentials of individual fluorophores on nanoporous antimony-doped tin oxide.Update: Jin's article is now featured as an inside cover in Issue 6 of Chem. Sci.!

SPIE Photonics West logoMatt gave an invited talk, “6D single-fluorogen orientation-localization microscopy for elucidating the architecture of beta-sheet assemblies and biomolecular condensates,” in the “High-Speed Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy IX” conference at Photonics West in San Francisco.

Single-Molecule Orientation-Localization Microscopy article screenshotOumeng's news article, “Single-molecule orientation-localization microscopy,” is now online in Imaging & Microscopy.

Tingting's PhD defense, November 20, 2023Tingting successfully defended her thesis, “Information-Rich 6D Single-Molecule Imaging Using Optimization,” on Monday, November 20, at 1 PM in Green Hall's Rodin Auditorium. Congratulations and we will miss you, Tingting!

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